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Videos describing exploits, vulnerabilities, hacks and patches. Day to day security tips for netizens.

Protecting WiFi from Hackers

In our last post we talked about how hackers can hack WiFi. To complete the series, today we will be talking about WiFi security and steps of protecting WiFi from hackers:


  1. Give Cryptic Administrator Username and Password: Wireless routers (and access points) give provision to the administrators to manage their Wi-Fi network through a special account. Anyone who knows this account’s username and password can log into the router and acquire all info. You

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These 8 Mistakes will lead to your social media account getting hacked

Malicious hackers are always in quest for vulnerable social media accounts. How about your personal information like pictures, messages, videos etc. being hijacked by an anonymous attacker? Terrible! Isn’t it? You can be a victim of social account breach if you do not take adequate steps to ensure your account’s security.

Here are 8 mistakes which make your social account hackable :

  1. Weak and Guessable Passwords: The most common passwords people use on social media sites are “password”,”123456”, etc.

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What Can You Do in 15 Seconds? #Czar15secTest

What Can You Do in 15 seconds?

Create a fake account to get more likes on your page?

Or get a 15 second scan?

What is #Czar15secondTest?

Czar Securities is about to launch its exciting new feature, #Czar15secTest, a 15 second test to get a complete audit of your personal website or blog. One stop solution for all the startups, organisations, bloggers or any curious netizen!

Learn more at :

Find us on facebook:…

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Joomla Exploit Review by Czar Securities

This time its Joomla, with the recent release of Metasploit’s new joomla exploit which effects version 2.5.x up to 2.5.1, as well as 3.x up to 3.1.4. The vulnerability exists in the Media Manager Module which comes by default in joomla web applications allowing Remote File Uploads which results in Remote Code Execution on host servers. This Exploit was tested through Kali Linux. In this exploit review you will get to know how hackers execute remote code execution strategies on …

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Tp-Link Router Exploit Review: Thousands of Routers Vulnerable

Recently a TP-Link router exploit was released which left thousand of TP-Link routers all over the world vulnerable to hackers. This exploit allows any remote hacker to download backup file and extract password from it. This vulnerability was found by Abdelli Nassereddine who is a security researcher. We at Czar Securities made POC video and also reviewed the exploit.


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