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Cyber Security related articles. How to protect yourself, your website and your online presence.

What to do when setting up the Magento 2 staging environment?

Magento platform is no less than a blessing to set up and launch an eCommerce store in the digital space. Many big names in the market rely on the potential of Magento for enhancing and improving their eCommerce stores.

Despite the various benefits offered by Magento 2 Development Company, you may still face some problems or issues in the available process. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the staging environment of Magento 2 to avoid any significant

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9 Reasons Why Small Businesses Get Hacked | An Analysis

The Bane of Cybercriminal Activities

With the advent of the internet and progressive technology, the ecosystem of the entire world shifted. Businesses and enterprises across the world, as well as individuals, saw the World Wide Web as a great resource to exploit and enhance their influence. Unfortunately, this also led to a new form of felonious activity where cybercriminals saw the opportunity to commit horrendous unlawful things. These included hacking, identity theft, phishing attacks, spreading malware, ransomware, spyware, and …

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Smart Ways to Secure Your Home Or Office WIFI

So while we all are locked down at our homes, during this hour of crisis, the only thing we are thankful for is – the Internet. Living in the technology-driven era has saved all of us from combating this difficult time together. The offices are operating from home, the students are attending regular classes online, and the essential amenities are getting delivered at our doorstep. And all this is happening while we sit in the comfort of our homes. With

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What Cyber Security Threats Will Be Big in 2020?

The digital age has created a lot of new opportunities for businesses. It’s also created a lot of challenges. Cybersecurity threats are a real worry for businesses of all sizes.

It’s not so much a question of if you’ll be hacked, but rather when you’ll be hacked. And, if you think that your small business has nothing to offer, think again. Cybercriminals are equal opportunity offenders. A smaller business might even be a better target because it has less security.…

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Top Exploited WordPress Plugins in 2019

WordPress is one of the most popular and used content management platforms. Known for its easy usability and simple functionality, WordPress leverage several plugins to help users add more features to their websites. However, these plugins only stay reliable and secure until and unless they are updated on a regular basis.

The zero-day vulnerability can happen to any plugin that is either not updated for a long time or now stays abandoned by the developer in the absence of proper …

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13 Actionable Website Security Audit Tips With Checklist

46% of websites had High-security vulnerabilities, acc. to website Vulnerability Report 2019.

Top 5 reasons being:

  • Vulnerable web servers
  • CMS Vulnerabilities
  • XSS
  • Vulnerable JS libraries
  • CSRF attacks

In this guide, we’ll cover 13 tips to perform a website security audit on your website and harden your web application.

If you are looking for professional help for website security audit, click here

Implement site-wide strong-password use policy

86% of all the passwords are terrible, acc. to Have I Been Pwned Report

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Magento 2 Security – 24 Tips For Rock-Solid Protection

Magento was started in 2007 by Varien Inc, a US private company based in Culver City, California. Magento 2 is the successor of the Magento released in 2007. Released in November 2015, it retains many of the appraised features of its predecessor- Magento. Interestingly, with the release of Magento 2, the prior version didn’t go out of service. People depending on their personal preference still, use both versions.

It is so designed that anyone can use its facilities even if …

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