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Top Exploited WordPress Plugins in 2019

WordPress is one of the most popular and used content management platforms. Known for its easy usability and simple functionality, WordPress leverage several plugins to help users add more features to their websites. However, these plugins only stay reliable and secure until and unless they are updated on a regular basis.

The zero-day vulnerability can happen to any plugin that is either not updated for a long time or now stays abandoned by the developer in the absence of proper …

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13 Actionable Website Security Audit Tips With Checklist

46% of websites had High-security vulnerabilities, acc. to website Vulnerability Report 2019.

Top 5 reasons being:

  • Vulnerable web servers
  • CMS Vulnerabilities
  • XSS
  • Vulnerable JS libraries
  • CSRF attacks

In this guide, we’ll cover 13 tips to perform a website security audit on your website and harden your web application.

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Implement site-wide strong-password use policy

86% of all the passwords are terrible, acc. to Have I Been Pwned Report

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Three WordPress Security Mistakes You Might Have Made Already

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, powering 34% of sites on the internet.

The downside of this popularity is that there are a lot of people who have figured out how to attack WordPress sites. Hackers can learn the ins and outs of WordPress and use that knowledge against tens of millions of websites.

If you are a WordPress user looking to keep your website safe, there are three security mistakes you might be making. In this article, we’ll …

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Magento 2 Security – 24 Tips For Rock-Solid Protection

Magento was started in 2007 by Varien Inc, a US private company based in Culver City, California. Magento 2 is the successor of the Magento released in 2007. Released in November 2015, it retains many of the appraised features of its predecessor- Magento. Interestingly, with the release of Magento 2, the prior version didn’t go out of service. People depending on their personal preference still, use both versions.

It is so designed that anyone can use its facilities even if the …

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WordPress Malware Redirect: Symptoms, Detection and Fixes

WordPress has helped in tailoring the content according to one’s need across the website. Its large-scale popularity is backed by a great community support. WordPress has everything for everyone’s need from a wide variety of plugins and add-ons to select. However, owing to its popularity, the attacks on the WordPress sites have been a regular thing. Attackers are constantly at play trying to infect sites with attacks like the WordPress malware redirect. According to the book WordPress 3 Ultimate Security,


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Japanese Keyword Hack in WordPress & Joomla. Detailed guide to fix Japanese SEO Spam.

Japanese keyword Hack?

The website is a crucial aspect for any modern business operation. It is a great source of revenue for the company. Thus it becomes necessary for businesses to increase their online presence. High site ranks on the search engines contribute to an increase in user traffic. At times the users do not pay heed towards the site security. As a result, certain security lapses remain. This could lead to certain attacks on the infrastructure, like the infamous …

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My WordPress website was hacked, what should I do ?

First of all, you need to calm down. Almost 30,000 websites get hacked everyday, chances of attack on your wordpress being a targeted one are fairly less. Most of the times the ‘so-called-hackers’ test newly released vulnerabilities in wordpress core or plugins. Once tested, they do not harm the website. Here’s a step by step guide to assist you if you wordpress website was hacked.

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Note: You think you have been victim of

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