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Security still an important reason for people not using E-Commerce portals!

While I was handing over my credit card to the waiter in a restaurant, my mother was staring at me in shock. She asked me “what if they draw out all the money from your account?” Just then a question came to my mind; we rarely do even think twice before handing over our credit cards to a waiter or a store clerk, then why do we often feel jittery while purchasing something online, or going for online banking? What …

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NSA Spying – A Myth or Reality?

We all enjoy privacy in our personal matters. But when it comes to our cyber life, we hardly care whether we are being spied or tracked. Why is it so?

Most people in our country believe that working in a secluded room with a personal computer is all they need to maintain privacy. Well… the actual situation out there in cyberspace is quite grave and you might just turn out to be an arbitrarily chosen victim.

There has been much …

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CMD – You companion for network information

Here we are back again with some more new stuff to learn. In our first article we went through an Introduction to CMD, its benefits and limitations. In second article we went through the basic CMD commands like creating, copying, renaming, deleting files using CMD.

In this article we will get into some networking stuff like looking up IPs, checking your internet connection and much more.


It works as it sounds, it gives you all available hardware information about …

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WordPress Security for Bloggers

The main security risk of having a website is being hacked. Many believe that since their website is not in limelight, or since it does not hold any sensitive information it is not a target of the fraudsters.

Get your notions corrected. Hackers are after everything that your website has. They might hack a website to host and transfer warez and other forms of illegal files, so that they can use free bandwidth, which you pay for. Or they can …

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U.S. Central Command Accounts Hacked

The U.S. Central Command that supervises operations in the Middle East had to compromise their Twitter and YouTube account for 30 long minutes as they were brutally hacked on Monday (12th January 2015) by people demanding to be sympathetic toward the Islamic State militant group being targeted in American bombing raids.


The note posted by the hackers on the U.S. Central Command Twitter feed read “American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back, ISIS”.


U.S defense officials however mentioned …

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Basic commands of CMD – Startup

In our last article we went through an Introduction to CMD, its benefits and limitations.
In this article we will go through the basic CMD commands.
So lets get started !

NOTE : Click/Open image to view it properly and understand the working of commands.


First thing first! How to open command prompt (CMD)? Open start menu and search ‘cmd’ and it will show up ‘cmd.exe’ open it, as simple as that.


If a user …

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Introduction to CMD – First step to be a hacker!

What comes to your mind when you think about the word “HACKING” ? Is it a black screen with green text on it? Then you are imagining the CMD terminal!!

Command Prompt is popularly known as CMD. It is used to write several system commands in “Command Line Interface (CLI)” to perform various tasks as mentioned in the article below.

What it CMD?

Sounds and looks like some complicated hacking stuff right? But it is way easier to understand and …

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