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Basic commands of CMD – Startup

In our last article we went through an Introduction to CMD, its benefits and limitations.
In this article we will go through the basic CMD commands.
So lets get started !

NOTE : Click/Open image to view it properly and understand the working of commands.


First thing first! How to open command prompt (CMD)? Open start menu and search ‘cmd’ and it will show up ‘cmd.exe’ open it, as simple as that.


If a user …

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Introduction to CMD – First step to be a hacker!

What comes to your mind when you think about the word “HACKING” ? Is it a black screen with green text on it? Then you are imagining the CMD terminal!!

Command Prompt is popularly known as CMD. It is used to write several system commands in “Command Line Interface (CLI)” to perform various tasks as mentioned in the article below.

What it CMD?

Sounds and looks like some complicated hacking stuff right? But it is way easier to understand and …

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Czar’s Year Long Journey


Our journey began on August, 2013, with a high-held enthusiasm but little resources.  Czar Securities was set up with an aim to provide consultation and individual guidance to every website be it big or small and also to every individual who is struggling with the fatalities of the cyber world.

Czar Securities has now walked a long way with the man behind it, Shikhil Sharma and the bonding tightens with each passing day. On looking back in retrospect,  we started …

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“9-5 job is Too Old School for a Hacker”: Meet Shritam Bhowmick!


Working as a Self-employed Security Researcher is “Amazing, Thrilling, Challenging, Impacting, and Self Disciplinary focus coordinated multi-tasking problem tackling monster”is what Shritam Bhowmick thinks a 9-5 job never will!

Here’s our in-depth interview with Shritam Bhowmick,a renowned Cyber Security Expert at Defencely Inc. He shares his personal pinions on how he got into cyber space, what motivated him to reach at a pinnacle in security research and what keeps him going, and a genuine advice for young cyber security …

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What Can You Do in 15 Seconds? #Czar15secTest

What Can You Do in 15 seconds?

Create a fake account to get more likes on your page?

Or get a 15 second scan?

What is #Czar15secondTest?

Czar Securities is about to launch its exciting new feature, #Czar15secTest, a 15 second test to get a complete audit of your personal website or blog. One stop solution for all the startups, organisations, bloggers or any curious netizen!

Learn more at :

Find us on facebook:…

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All You Need to Know About “Google Hacking”


The concept of “Google Hacking” can be traced back to 2002, when Johnny Long started collecting extraordinary Google search queries that revealed vulnerable systems and/or sensitive information disclosures – branding them as googleDorks.The list of googleDorks grew into a dictionary of queries, which were eventually categorized into the Google Hacking Database (GHDB) in 2004.

In simple terms, it is a method of computer hacking that utilizes Google Search and other Google applications to locate security loopholes in the configurations …

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WEP as a Weak Algorithm

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