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Author: Shikhil Sharma (page 1 of 1)

My WordPress website was hacked, what should I do ?

First of all, you need to calm down. Almost 30,000 websites get hacked everyday, chances of attack on your wordpress being a targeted one are fairly less. Most of the times the ‘so-called-hackers’ test newly released vulnerabilities in wordpress core or plugins. Once tested, they do not harm the website. Here’s a step by step guide to assist you if you wordpress website was hacked.

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Note: You think you have been victim of

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Facebook down for worldwide users


Facebook down for users all around the world. Earlier it looked like an issue faced by audiences in US and UK but now it turns out to be that people from all around the world are facing downtime. Twitter is flooded with tweets of people panicked not able to access facebook. The following message is seen on the error page:

Sorry, something went wrong.

We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. Go Back

There are chances …

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Hack any facebook account: Reversed by Czar Securities

“Hack any facebook account” is one phrase which excites people so much that they loose their common sense! Facebook spends millions on their security and user privacy but still people think hacking facebook accounts is a kids task. If at all a person finds some flaw in facebook ‘s security he is rewarded big bounty which gives him every reason not to make the flaw public.

Hack facebook mythsRecently a social engineering script has become very famous on facebook which traps user …

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