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U.S. Central Command Accounts Hacked

The U.S. Central Command that supervises operations in the Middle East had to compromise their Twitter and YouTube account for 30 long minutes as they were brutally hacked on Monday (12th January 2015) by people demanding to be sympathetic toward the Islamic State militant group being targeted in American bombing raids.


The note posted by the hackers on the U.S. Central Command Twitter feed read “American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back, ISIS”.


U.S defense officials however mentioned …

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Czar’s Year Long Journey


Our journey began on August, 2013, with a high-held enthusiasm but little resources.  Czar Securities was set up with an aim to provide consultation and individual guidance to every website be it big or small and also to every individual who is struggling with the fatalities of the cyber world.

Czar Securities has now walked a long way with the man behind it, Shikhil Sharma and the bonding tightens with each passing day. On looking back in retrospect,  we started …

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“9-5 job is Too Old School for a Hacker”: Meet Shritam Bhowmick!


Working as a Self-employed Security Researcher is “Amazing, Thrilling, Challenging, Impacting, and Self Disciplinary focus coordinated multi-tasking problem tackling monster”is what Shritam Bhowmick thinks a 9-5 job never will!

Here’s our in-depth interview with Shritam Bhowmick,a renowned Cyber Security Expert at Defencely Inc. He shares his personal pinions on how he got into cyber space, what motivated him to reach at a pinnacle in security research and what keeps him going, and a genuine advice for young cyber security …

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What Can You Do in 15 Seconds? #Czar15secTest

What Can You Do in 15 seconds?

Create a fake account to get more likes on your page?

Or get a 15 second scan?

What is #Czar15secondTest?

Czar Securities is about to launch its exciting new feature, #Czar15secTest, a 15 second test to get a complete audit of your personal website or blog. One stop solution for all the startups, organisations, bloggers or any curious netizen!

Learn more at :

Find us on facebook:…

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Tp-Link Router Exploit Review: Thousands of Routers Vulnerable

Recently a TP-Link router exploit was released which left thousand of TP-Link routers all over the world vulnerable to hackers. This exploit allows any remote hacker to download backup file and extract password from it. This vulnerability was found by Abdelli Nassereddine who is a security researcher. We at Czar Securities made POC video and also reviewed the exploit.


We are soon launching with exciting courses on cyber security! Join the mailing list to stay updated!

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Hack any facebook account: Reversed by Czar Securities

“Hack any facebook account” is one phrase which excites people so much that they loose their common sense! Facebook spends millions on their security and user privacy but still people think hacking facebook accounts is a kids task. If at all a person finds some flaw in facebook ‘s security he is rewarded big bounty which gives him every reason not to make the flaw public.

Hack facebook mythsRecently a social engineering script has become very famous on facebook which traps user …

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How to Secure WordPress in under 10 minutes

With nearly over 60 million websites running WordPress, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular blogging systems today. Like any other blogging platform in the market, WordPress comes with it’s fair share of vulnerabilities. Don’t fret. Czar Securities has prepared a quick guide to harden your WordPress Website’s security in under 10 minutes!

# Install a Comprehensive Security Plugin – Astra

There are numerous plugins which give you a wide array of security options for your WordPress website. I …

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