Our journey began on August, 2013, with a high-held enthusiasm but little resources.  Czar Securities was set up with an aim to provide consultation and individual guidance to every website be it big or small and also to every individual who is struggling with the fatalities of the cyber world.

Czar Securities has now walked a long way with the man behind it, Shikhil Sharma and the bonding tightens with each passing day. On looking back in retrospect,  we started off with a single page website but it has strikingly been refurbished for the third time in a year only to get better in style and features. While treading along the path of constant achievements, Czar Securities gathered more enthusiasts – Ananda, Vinit, Kathakali, Dhananjay, Sanya, Sriram, Raunak and Rajat. Our combined efforts have hastened the success rate of the company.  Our one year old company has been witnessing back to back achievements since the day of its foundation. We have been miraculously featured by The TechPanda, Your Story and Life Beyond Numbers.

As time rolled on… our clients grew, popularity grew and within one year we emerged out as an established cyber security company. Well, we believe we have more to offer and miles to go as our dream is to make Czar Securities synonymous with the concept of cyber security. Our articles were published in hotshot IT Magazine like Digit and also in Hacky Shacky, an online IT Magazine.
Our team got featured in Dainik Bhaskar earlier this year.

We not only provide security to our clients but also aim at educating the youth with technicalities of cyber security. We have one of the most active blogs and we conduct frequent training sessions to attract fresh minds into this field. While a major section of India still believes cyber security is not a necessity, we dream of spreading awareness far and wide that in today’s world of fast pacing development, cyber security is inevitable. Besides making our company successful, we dream of educating India with the latest trends and necessities of the cyberspace. We are too passionate to remain solely business-oriented, we prefer to be called reformers as well. The name Czar Securities has now been spread far and wide. Our team got opportunities to visit exclusive events, one of which was also visited by Microsoft CEO Mr.Satya Nadella.

Earlier this month we proudly announced our newly created office at Neemrana, 1.5 hours from Gurgaon. The office had been inaugurated by Mr.Vijay Thadani, CEO of NIIT Limited and NIIT Technologies. He congratulated our entire team and also appreciated our upcoming course contents.

Dhananjay, Ananda, Mr. Vijay Thadani and Shikhil at Czar's office.

Dhananjay, Ananda, Mr. Vijay Thadani and Shikhil at Czar’s office.

We are flying high, but our feet remains rooted on the ground. Our motto remains “Your Security, Our Priority” and we firmly believe that “For many, security is a profession, but for us its our obsession”. We take pride in the fact that Czar Securities never had hotshot names behind it, neither it had corporate biggies guiding it, yet we struggled hard and have achieved an illuminated corner for ourselves in the industry. However, our efforts go on…