What comes to your mind when you think about the word “HACKING” ? Is it a black screen with green text on it? Then you are imagining the CMD terminal!!

CMD look

CMD First Look

Command Prompt is popularly known as CMD. It is used to write several system commands in “Command Line Interface (CLI)” to perform various tasks as mentioned in the article below.

What it CMD?

Sounds and looks like some complicated hacking stuff right? But it is way easier to understand and use once you understand the basics, so let’s get started with it!

Command Line Interface (CLI) is the way to interact with CMD. In CMD you can write a large number of commands to perform various tasks unlike navigating your cursor and clicking on menu and folders to perform tasks. User specifies the task which he wants to perform using specific commands.

Why use CMD?

  1. It saves time as it only performs the task specified by the user using specific commands.
  2. Many times storage devices like pen drives, memory card, and hard disks get corrupted due to some reasons like virus, hardware faults and many other reasons. Commands in CMD can be used to clean format drives and fix those errors.
  3. Running windows in safe mode is a major tool which helps in fixing corrupted windows drivers and troubleshooting errors in windows whenever there are crashes. When working in safe mode, CMD is your only friend who can help you in fixing your PC errors.
  4. As we know we can use task manager to view tasks and kill unwanted tasks, but task manager shows only major ongoing tasks, most of threats and viruses runs in background which are not displayed in list by task manager. CMD comes handy in such conditions, you can view each and every ongoing task in CMD whether Major tasks or tasks running in background. You can kill those malicious tasks from CMD and then delete the virus/threat.

Limitations with CMD

  1. You can’t rely on CMD for all your tasks. Editing photos or videos using software like Adobe Photoshop or CyberLink PowerDirector. One the most popular thing PLAYING GAMES! CMD can’t help you with such things.
  2. CMD does have basic looks and very simple GUI. Users who prefer good looks will definitely have a hard time working with CMD.

In our next article we discussed about the basic commands which can hep in changing interface of CMD and we will also see how to create, delete, read, rename, copy files and folders.

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